Luke's Canon




   Luke’s Canon


                         Sermon Series January 9, 2021 – March 27, 2021


                                 Fletcher Seventh-day Adventist Church


The week of January 3-9 we will be starting our new series studying Luke. Study the assigned Scripture passage during the week before the sermon is preached. As you study, prayerfully invite the Holy Spirit to reveal to you answers to these questions: What does the text say? What does it say about God/Jesus? What does it say about me?


                         Additional Study Resources; Matthew, Mark, John, and The Desire of Ages.


January 9


Luke ’s Canon #1

Luke 1:1:4

James Reynaert

February 20


Luke ’s Canon #7

Luke 2:21-40

Ivan Blake

January 16


Luke ’s Canon #2

Luke 1:5-25

James Reynaert

February 27

Luke ’s Canon #8

Luke 2:41-52

James Reynaert

January 23

Luke ’s Canon #3

Luke 1:26-38

James Reynaert

March 6


Luke ’s Canon #9

Luke 3:1-6

James Reynaert

January 30


Luke ’s Canon #4

Luke 1:39-56

James Reynaert

March 13


Luke ’s Canon #10

Luke 3:7-20

Ivan Blake

February 6


Luke ’s Canon #5

Luke 1:57-80

Ivan Blake

March 20


Luke ’s Canon #11

Luke 3:21-38

James Reynaert

February 13


Luke ’s Canon #6

Luke 2:1-20

James Reynaert

March 27


Luke ’s Canon #12

Luke 4:1-13

James Reynaert



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